West Bay begs bar owner not to dredge Barkers

(CNS): Emotions ran high at a public meeting in West Bay on Tuesday, when district residents met with the owner of Calico Jack’s beach bar and begged him to pull his application to dredge an area in Barkers that would remove more than four acres of turtle grass.

Many of the people who attended told Handel Whittaker that they didn’t necessarily object to his bar being in Barkers but the environmental damage regarding the grass caused real concern. But the bar owner, who is being turfed out of his current spot on Seven Mile Beach by his landlord, Dart, said the removal of the grass was essential to the project.

At the second district meeting about the issue, which has seen West Bay unite in their objection to the project, dozens of local people came out to hear what Whittaker had to say and express their concerns.

However, once again there was a notable absence of the district’s political leaders, who, with the exception of Bernie Bush, have made almost no public comment about this project.

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