‘We have no choice:’ Climate expert say Hawaii has to reach for renewable energy goals

WAILUKU — With its abundant use of solar power and ambitious renewable energy goals, Hawaii is becoming a model for other states — but some of the most difficult steps lie ahead, says Chip Fletcher, a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and vice chairman of the Honolulu Climate Change Commission.

Like most things in the world that are worth going for, it’s going to be a hard slog full of difficult choices that we know we have no option but to make,” said Fletcher, who was on Maui on Thursday evening for a Maui Electric Co. forum on energy resilience.

Why does Hawaii have no choice? Because the signs are already here, said Fletcher, who spoke alongside several experts from Maui’s energy and resilience sector, including Sharon Suzuki and Chris Reynolds of MECO, Carlos Villacis of the Pacific Disaster Center, Alex de Roode of Hi Performance Energy Resilient Communities (HiPER Comm) and Maui County government officials Fred Redell and Herman Andaya.

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