Pacific Northwest
Flooding in Washington. via National Weather Service

WA - FEMA Dispels Rumors of Changes to Washington Flood Insurance Maps

Jul. 13--Flooding maps in Walla Walla and Columbia counties are not currently being adjusted in a manner that would impact insurance requirements, authorities said recently.

In light of the heavy flooding in February that inundated Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington, speculation has swelled about potential for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to change insurance requirements for certain properties.

Scott Van Hoff, the flood insurance liaison for FEMA Region 10 in Seattle, said if anything was being done right now, the public would already know about it.

"Nothing can come out in a surprise or unexpected manner that doesn't involve a lot of public notice," Van Hoff said.

Van Hoff read a note from one of the engineers that works with FEMA that said there are "no current efforts in Walla Walla or Columbia County, which were the hardest hit by this year's floods."

They did note that some preliminary mapping efforts were happening in Baker County, Oregon.

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