Climate Communication Yale (http://climatecommunication.yale.edu)

Virginia wants more action on climate change. Here's where residents stand on policies.

Throughout Virginia, most residents are worried about climate change, fear that it will harm people in the U.S. within a decade and want the government to do more to tackle the problem.

And data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication — in partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara and Utah State University — shows which climate policies residents disagree on, dislike and support.

From education in schools to legislation by Congressional members, people want to see more action on climate change. Nearly 70 percent want corporations to do more to control the problem, and roughly 60 percent think elected officials — the governor, Congress or local representatives — should also boost their efforts, according to the Yale data.

That support is strong, with 70 percent of residents believing that the environment should be protected, even if it results in trade-offs like lost jobs or diminished economic growth.

Even with broad support for some action, most environmental bills continue to die in the General Assembly.

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