Video - Dolphins Spotted Just Off Mumbai Coast, Apparently Due To Almost No Industrial Activity

Owing to Janta Curfew because of coronavirus, cities across the nation came to a halt. Even the city that never sleeps, slept peacefully - yes, Mumbai.

The ever-traffucked roads of Mumbai, like many other places, saw no traffic on the roads on March 22 and no activities in the sea.

Maharashtra has been on at least a partial lockdown since before the curfew and people had already begun self-isolating themselves. Due to the non-functioning of factories and industries, the city has seen a fall in pollution levels in the air and in the ocean. Now, apparently, dolphins have been spotted just off the shore in Mumbai, which is not a usual sight.

Juhi Chawla and some other people on Twitter shared videos of dolphins skimming the waters of Mumbai.

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