Dredging continues in support of the Virginia Beach Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Credit: U.S. Army/Andria Allmond

VA - Virginia Beach ups coastal protection measures

A US east coast city is replenishing its beaches that serve as protection against intensifying storms

The city of Virginia Beach continues to protect itself from coastal storms, rising sea levels, and erosion.

It provides a glimpse at how one municipality is facing such escalating issues, co-ordinating its efforts with the federal government, and looking to the future.

The efforts at this beach community illustrates a long-running, decades-old programme that has protected the city by renourishing and widening beaches, constructing a seawall and providing other features, and conducting beach profile surveys on a regular basis. Situated at the confluence of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the coastline roughly resembles the number 7.

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