Alabama bass are beginning to appear in several lakes in Southwest Virginia. Virginia DWR

VA - Tide of of Alabama bass could harm native fish in several Southwest Virginia lakes

As if the post-traumatic stressed public doesn’t have enough threats to obsess about and agonize over, we are now informed Virginia’s world-class bass fisheries are under attack.

The state Department of Wildlife Resources (the former Department of Game and Inland Fisheries) identify the invasive menace as micropetrus henshallii, also known as Alabama bass.

State fisheries' biologists want you to know this about the bad ’Bama bass, one of the dozen or so known species of black bass:

They’re here now and they’re coming to get your treasured largemouth and smallmouth fisheries. The only good news in this is that bass armageddon has not yet raged out of control in the commonwealth.

“The whole story has not been told yet,” biologist Dan Wilson said. “From what we know now, it’s fairly serious up to this point.”

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