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VA - Secluded Chesapeake Bay island keeps eye on virus from afar

Inez Pruitt has watched the coronavirus spread throughout the world from the relative safety of Tangier Island, a small fishing community in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.

But the virus is now as close it can get without crossing the water, infecting people on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland.

“I feel like if we got COVID, it would be devastating,” said Pruitt, a physician assistant who operates the island’s health clinic. “In my head it has a very high potential of happening. I just hope to God it doesn’t.”

Reachable only by plane or boat, the dwindling community of fewer than 500 people has reported zero cases of the coronavirus. And though its one school and two churches have shuttered, life has continued at a level of normalcy that much of the nation lost weeks ago.

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