Sand on Buckroe Beach is considerably darker after dredged sand from Indian Creek was used to replenish it. (WYDaily/Courtesy City of Hampton)

VA - Here’s why the sand at Buckroe Beach is darker and littered

Hampton’s Public Works Department saved taxpayers more than $100,000 by replenishing Buckroe Beach with dredged sand from Indian Creek…but not all were impressed.

Not long after the sand was down, residents took to social media rallying cleanup teams for the littered and “considerably darker” sand, and what Christine Ausink, a project assistant for the Hampton Clean City Commission, said was not out of the ordinary.

“When the erosion and the silt from over the years, and whatever else is draining from off the roads, it all comes down and settles at the bottom of a body of water,” she said.

Including the trash, that Ausink said was most likely “stirred up” and uncovered as sand was removed from the bottom of the creek.

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