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USA - The Best Insurance to Have When You Live in a Hurricane-Prone State

If you live somewhere with hurricanes, it’s time to look into your homeowner’s and car insurance policies. We lay out what you should look for in a policy and when you should get it (spoiler alert: get it now).

I’ve lived in Florida for my entire life (just five minutes from the beach), so I know all too well how much damage a hurricane can cause to a home, car, or other personal property.

In just a few short hours, a hurricane can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to each family that happens to live along its path. And without proper insurance, families in the hurricane’s path have difficulty rebuilding and replacing their home and belongings.

But the good news is that it is possible to properly protect yourself financially from hurricane damage. Keep reading to learn how to find the best insurance when you live in a hurricane-prone state.

How To Find the Best Hurricane Insurance for Your Car

Unlike homeowner’s hurricane insurance, which I’ll cover next, protecting your car from hurricane damage is fairly simple. The best hurricane insurance for your car is simply a standard policy that includes comprehensive coverage.

Hurricane protection isn’t the only reason to add comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. As its name implies, comprehensive coverage covers literally every type of loss that’s not related to an accident. Events covered by comprehensive car insurance policies include things like:

  • Theft/vandalism
  • Hail/lightning
  • Damage from branches or uprooted trees
  • Vehicle capsizing due to strong winds
  • Damage from wind-thrown projectiles
  • Mechanical damage or corrosion caused by water exposure

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