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USA - Siemens Energy to equip two new NOAA research vessels

Houma, La.-based shipbuilder Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors LLC has awarded Siemens Energy a contract to supply power, propulsion, and control systems, along with battery storage technology, for the two research vessels on order at the yard for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The new ships, named the Oceanographer and Discoverer, are being acquired to support various missions, including general oceanographic research and exploration, climate and ocean ecosystem studies, and worldwide ocean survey and data collection.

Siemens Energy will equip both ships with SiSHIP Blue Drive PlusC advanced diesel-electric propulsion systems and BlueVault Battery Storage Solutions. The combination of technologies will enable additional fuel savings and emissions reductions by allowing NOAA to optimize loading on variable speed diesel engines. It will also reduce maintenance associated with the engines.


The ships are being built to a NOAA AGOR Variant (NAV) design that Walter Thomassie, managing director, Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors, says is the “result of an intense, collaborative effort by the Thoma-Sea Marine team, analyzing and implementing the best solutions brought by the shipyard, our design agent (TAI Engineers), Siemens Energy, and others. As the first shipyard to install and commission the Siemens Energy Blue Drive PlusC advanced diesel-electric propulsion systems in the United States, Thoma-Sea immediately recognized Siemens Energy was able to optimize the system according to our specifications to further enhance the vessel’s capabilities and efficiencies.”

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