Adrian Grenier, co-founder of Lonely Whale, holds a fistful of single-use plastic straws that washed ... [+] SHAWN HEINRICHS/LONELY WHALE

USA - Ocean Groups Plan Wave Of Environment Action ... After Earth Day’s 50 Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day probably couldn’t come at a worse time, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when people are supposed to “stay at home” and practice “social distancing” and newcasts feature daily death counts. On the other hand, this may actually be one of the best times to celebrate Earth Day, two environmental activists say.

Cristina Mittermeier from SeaLegacy and Dune Ives from Lonely Whale, say Earth Day matters now more than ever. And before you roll your eyes, take a second to consider how the world has changed just in recent months.

And consider that these activists were of course planning like other groups to be roaming outside for Earth Day 50 on Wednesday, April 22, doing activities like cleaning up beaches. Instead, COVID-19 forced them, like other groups, to shift their efforts online.

But even that online component didn’t come together in time for SeaLegacy and Lonely Whale. Have they given up? No, but they’re planning something epic for later this year: launching a first-of-its-kind ocean conservation action platform called “Only One.”

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When you peek beneath the thin blue line, (here in in French Polynesia) it's easy to see how ... [+] CRISTINA MITTERMEIER/SEALEGACY

SeaLegacy and Lonely Whale offer these ideas:

Take a moment to ask yourself how you can live as minimally as you can with the lowest footprint. How can you minimize food waste, use everything in your kitchen (for example, replanting celery and green onions)?

Be conscious about what you buy at the grocery store(while wearing a cloth mask). Reach for organic produce and food that isn’t wrapped in plastic.

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