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USA - New BOEM Chief Confirmed

BNOW calls the appointment of Amanda Lefton an ‘excellent choice’


US news outlets have reported the confirmation of Amanda Lefton as the new director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

The agency, housed within the Department of Interior, manages offshore wind renewable energy development.

Lefton is employed as first assistant secretary for energy and the environment for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in the New York State Executive Chamber.

Previous to that she was deputy policy director at non-profit Nature Conservancy.

Business Network for Offshore Wind CEO Liz Burdock said: “The Biden Administration has made an excellent choice in naming Amanda Lefton as the new Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) while the agency works to successfully develop offshore wind energy off the US coasts.

“From Maine to North Carolina, our committed state leaders have been driving the vision and action on offshore wind while committing state resources and incentives.

“Having a seasoned state government and policy leader like Amanda at BOEM’s helm over the next four years provides the offshore wind industry confidence that the Biden Administration will fulfil its commitments to double offshore wind and expand opportunities for renewable energy development.”

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