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USA - Kitty Hawk O&M to Create Almost 1000 Jobs

The Kitty Hawk offshore wind farm can be expected to deliver substantial economic growth and employment to Virginia and North Carolina, according to the project’s economic impact study (EIS), with nearly 1,000 jobs to be created once the wind farm is operational.

Along with the USD 2 billion in economic impact between 2021 and 2030, Kitty Hawk is expected to create or sustain almost 800 jobs in Virginia and Hampton Roads, and around 200 jobs after 2030 when the project is fully operational.

Construction-related activities will bring 799 jobs in Virginia, of which 587 will be in Hampton Roads, according to the Kitty Hawk EIS.

Once the project is in the operations and maintenance (O&M) stage, it could support a total of 929 jobs in Virginia and North Carolina, with 193 full-time direct jobs and 736 indirect jobs, including wind turbine technicians, welders, vessel managers, and CAD technicians. Of these 929 jobs, 830 will be in Hampton Roads.

In terms of economic impact, Kitty Hawk is projected to generate nearly USD 2 billion over the next decade in Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, the study states, through construction activity, sales, net household earnings and taxes paid at both the state and local levels.

Of the USD 2 billion, construction activity and sales will bring almost USD 1.5 billion in Virginia and Hampton Roads MSA, which includes Northeast North Carolina and Southeast Virginia, with USD 994 million in construction activity and sales to be generated in Hampton Roads alone.

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