Portland District US Army Corps of Engineers

USA - How the Army Corps of Engineers Made Us Love Their 2023 Calendar: They Added Giant Cats! (And it’s Free)

Engineering might be boring to over half the country, but this government agency got creative in imagining the purr-fect way to engage everyone.

The new 2023 calendar highlighting the achievements of the US Army Corps of Engineers features giant cats superimposed in photos of their engineering successes.

The Portland District of the Corps needed an eye-catching way of showing off their civil works programs across Oregon and southwestern Washington.

The result is a collection of hilarious scenes.

The pages showcase cats lying on dams, stretching on steel beams, and dominating huge construction vehicles.

Because the Corps is a federal government agency, their calendar is in the public domain—and you can download their PDF file and print it yourself for free.

Further feline fun shows cats using cranes as dangle toys.

Portland District US Army Corps of Engineers

Monthly humorous captions include “Detroit Dam is not only fun to chew on but also a pretty important flood risk management project.”

Portland District US Army Corps of Engineers-SWNS

The District engineers operate locks and dams along the Columbia River, and provides flood risk management using dams in the Willamette Valley. It maintains Oregon’s coastal rivers for navigation and leads the Nation in hydropower generation.

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Because their work ensures “equal attention” to environmental protection, along with fish and wildlife, we’re glad they added a picture of a giant litter box to keep their sites tidy.

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