Jenna Miller / Salisbury Daily Times

USA - Chesapeake Bay Program Gets Funding Boost in Omnibus Spending Bill

The program that coordinates Chesapeake Bay cleanup among government partners is slated to receive a funding increase in 2021, if the omnibus spending bill Congress passed Monday night makes it past the President's desk.

The Environmental Protection Agency-administered Chesapeake Bay Program was awarded a $2.5 million increase in the overall $1.4 trillion, 5,600-page spending package, which also includes $900 billion for coronavirus relief.

If the spending is approved by President Donald Trump, the Chesapeake Bay Program's new budget will total $87.5 million. The package also includes several other climate and energy measures.

If Trump vetoes the omnibus, Congress can override it with a two-thirds majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate. The measure easily passed the House 359-53 and in the Senate by 92-6.

"I applaud Congress’s strong support for the Chesapeake Bay in the FY21 federal appropriations," said Chesapeake Conservancy President & CEO Joel Dunn in a statement.

"The health of the Chesapeake Bay directly impacts the health of the Bay’s local economies and is a big part of our region’s economic resilience. The increase in funding for the most important partnership driving the restoration of the Bay – the Chesapeake Bay Program – is absolutely critical for the future of the Bay, its people, and its wildlife."

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