USA - Can American seafood survive the COVID-19 tidal wave?

Like meat processors and farmers, the seafood sector is feeling the COVID-19 effect. Many American restaurants are still closed for sit-in diners, tourism has slowed to almost nothing, and exports to Asian markets are still in limbo. Wild Alaskan salmon, lobster and oyster and fisheries are all preparing for a tough summer.

But with only $300 million set aside for the fisheries in the CARES Act, industry leaders say that it won’t be enough to prop up domestic fishers.

The global pandemic has highlighted some of the challenges the seafood industry has been facing from even before the coronavirus near-obliterated demand.

“There were unfavorable trade terms going to primary markets; those being China, Japan and Europe,” said Jeremy Woodrow, executive director of Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute.

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