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USA - California and New York Counties Top the List of Riskiest Places in the US for Natural Hazards

Loudoun County, a suburb of Washington, DC, has the lowest risk of any county from natural disasters

Counties in New York and California make up most of the top ten riskiest places in the US for natural disasters, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new “National Risk Index”.

Los Angeles county is number one in FEMA’s analysis of the 3,006 US counties which looks at each area’s exposure to 18 types of disasters including coastal flooding, drought, heat wave, hurricane, landslide, tsunami, and wildfire.

A number of hazards are becoming more frequent and more extreme due to the climate crisis. While the index doesn’t appear to factor this in, FEMA officials told Associated Press that climate change was taken into account in flooding calculations and will probably be incorporated in future updates.

Second place on the “National Risk Index” goes to New York’s Bronx county following by New York county (Manhattan) and Kings county (Brooklyn). Miami county is in fifth place followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Texas, and St Louis, Missouri. The final spots go to Riverside and San Bernardino counties, both in southern California.

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