via NOAA

USA - Americans Have Already Suffered 10 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in 2020, a Record Sixth Year in a Row

Above-average to record-warm January-June temperatures were observed across the vast majority of the lower 48 states with Florida ranking warmest on record for these six months.

While the US battles the coronavirus pandemic, the country has already experienced 10 extreme weather and climate events this year, each causing at least $1 billion in damage. This makes 2020 the sixth consecutive calendar year where 10 or more billion-dollar weather events have occurred — a new record, according to experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

All the 10 events were due to severe storms that occurred across more than 30 states from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast. In addition to significant economic impacts, these events resulted in 80 fatalities. From March 2 to 4, for example, Tennessee tornadoes and Southeast's severe weather killed 25 and resulted in $2 billion in damages. The Southeast and Eastern tornado outbreak from April 12 to 13 caused $3 billion in damages and killed 35 people. The North Central and Ohio Valley hailstorms and severe weather on April 7 and 8 resulted in an estimated $2.6 billion in damages but no deaths, shows analysis.

"Through the end of June 2020, the US experienced ten weather and climate disasters that caused 80 deaths and incurred losses exceeding $1 billion each. This year is the sixth consecutive year with at least ten separate billion-dollar disasters to date," says the NOAA.

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