The home-sharing site is partnering with local tourism groups and the National Park Foundation to promote small businesses and lesser-known attractions. Airbnb

USA - Airbnb Encourages Travelers to Seek Out What’s in Their Own Backyard

Home-sharing brand partners with local tourism bureaus and the National Park Foundation

In an effort to cater to the interests of travelers just beginning to crawl out of lockdown, Airbnb has made changes to its homepage and app in an effort to get people out in their own metaphorical backyards.

The campaign, “Go Near,” was one of several announcements made this morning as the home-sharing platform said recovery for the industry was near, according to its own booking data.

Airbnb is not alone in its optimism. Airlines and hotel brands have all noted increases in bookings and occupancy levels, although they’re still nowhere near where they were before Covid-19.

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