Drones have become a key tool for coastal management and monitoring coastal erosion. Find out how NPS Property Consultants are benefiting from drone surveys to collect data quicker, safer and more accurately than traditional methods.

  • DJI drones have transformed the way that NPS Property Consultants measure coastal realignment;
  • Drones collect accurate and repeatable data, providing vital insights about coastal erosion and how to mitigate it;
  • The data is gathered much safer with a drone, compared to manually walking a cliff face which could be at risk of collapse;
  • Pre-drones, it would take a day to capture data over a 1500m stretch of cliff; it took NPS Property Consultants 24 minutes using the DJI M210 drone - increasing efficiency and cutting costs;
  • Drone surveys provide a variety of data, like the 3D model below, for deeper insights and understanding.

Battered by strong seas and high winds, the UK's coastline is under constant attack from erosion.

In England alone, 30% of the shoreline is disappearing - and scientists fear this could accelerate as climate change triggers a rise in sea levels and makes extreme weather more common.

It is an alarming prediction. And the crisis isn't confined to the UK - it is a global problem.

But in recent years, a new technology has emerged in the battle against coastal realignment: Drones.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are being deployed to collect accurate and information-rich data which provides vital insights about the rate of erosion along the shoreline and its associated risks, and the best ways to mitigate it.

An alternative to traditional methods, drones collect this information quicker, safer and cheaper, and provide more varied and robust data sets for deeper insights and understanding, helping professionals make better choices about protecting the coastline.

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