Upcoming storm acts as a reminder of why Lido’s renourishment project is important

SARASOTA (WWSB) -Storms like the one coming have the possibility of eroding our beaches. Sarasota’s City Engineer, Alex DavisShaw, said they will continue to work on Lido Key’s renourishment project despite the storm.

However, DavisShaw said if the waves get too bad they will stop dredging. The team already expected to take some days off for the holiday so if it does get bad they will break early. But DavisShaw said it's storms like the one coming that reminds people why this renourishment project is so important.

"I think because people see what's going on it just reminds everybody why we want to do the larger project. Because we really need more protection for larger scale storms. It also provides the groins of the south end to lock the sand in and slow the rates of erosion that occurs from storm events," said DavisShaw.

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