The South Woodham Coastguard Rescue Team came to transport the turtle. via South Woodham Coastguard Rescue Team

UK - The Stories of Nine Baffling Things That Have Been Discovered on Essex's Beaches

Our coastline has seen some strange things make their their way to shore

One thing Essex is known for is its expansive coastline.

The entirety of Essex's southern and eastern borders are bounded by water, providing hundreds of spots to enjoy the sand and sea.

In England, Essex has the second longest coastline of any county, thanks to the plethora of inlets and outlets as well as about 30 islands. Because of this huge coastline, it's often the location of major events in the county, with the Coastguard often rushing to the rescue.

Sometimes, things that happen near the coast are incredibly serious but sometimes, they can simply be head-scratchingly odd. Over the years, we've seen a selection of strange things wash up on our shores.

Here's nine strange oddities that turned up on our coastline.

Fin whale

On Friday, May 30, 2020, walkers on Holland-on-Sea's seafront spotted an unlikely sight washed up on the beach - a 40-foot long Fin Whale.

The whale had sadly been dead for several weeks, having been hit by a boat near Dover.

It had drifted across the North Sea before finally washing up on the beach.

Essex Police erected a huge cordon on the Tendring coast more than four miles long to keep people away from the whale's corpse, as there was fears that it may become a danger to the public.

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