UK - The Longest Coastal Walking Route in the World Will Open in England Next Year

It's expected to stretch over 2,700 miles.

England is set to give long-distance hiking trails in the U.S. a run for their money with its new Coast Path, which is expected to stretch over 2,700 miles, surpassing both the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail in length. In addition to some extra mileage, the route takes hikers along the English coast, making it the longest coastal walking route in the world.

The path, which is expected to be fully completed in 2021, is opening in sections, with some portions already finished. Divided into four areas — north west, north east, south east, and south west — and a total of 66 stretches, the trail will follow the entire coast of England, and in some cases, provide first-time public access to the coastal margin — the area between the path and the sea.

Travelers can experience a short stretch, create a customized multiday trip, or complete the entire route. In addition to passing by coastal towns, ports, and cities, the path will introduce walkers to untouched meadows, rugged rocky cliffs, and swaths of sandy beaches waiting to be explored. The layout of the trail system allows travelers to experience the wild coast by day, before tucking into a cozy English pub (or a pub-turned-hotel) for dinner and drinks.

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