Wainfleet was flooded in the summer of 2019. via Boston Standard

UK - New Blueprint to Protect and Prepare Millions More Families from Flooding

A new plan to better protect and prepare millions of homes and businesses from the risk of flooding that the climate emergency will bring in the future has been launched this week by the Environment Agency (EA).

With more extreme weather expected, including summer temperatures up to 7.4˚C hotter and 59% more rainfall by 2050, the new Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy sets out how we will build up the resilience of millions more homes and businesses as part of the EA’s green recovery plan into the next decade.

More than 5.2 million properties in England are already at risk, and climate change will lead to even more people being affected. The measures are set to include:

- Expanded flood warnings by 2022 to all at risk properties, with 62,000 more families to be added to the service

- Increased investment in natural flood management schemes to better protect communities, tackle climate change and create new wildlife habitats

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