Sea levels are already rising now due to human activities that emit greenhouse gases. Here, an aerial drone photo of the town of Allerton Bywater near Castleford in Leeds, West Yorkshire shows the flooded fields from the River Aire

UK - Is YOUR town at risk? Terrifying interactive map reveals the areas that could be plunged UNDERWATER by 2050 amid sea level rise fuelled by climate change

The interactive map below reveals areas of UK that could be underwater by 2050. Climate Central model shows the towns and cities wiped out by rising sea levels By

With the allure of deck chairs, ice cream and amusement arcades, the Great British seaside holds a special, nostalgic place in the hearts of UK holidaymakers.

But fast forward just 25 years and scores of the country's beaches, piers and bays could be underwater because of increasing global sea levels caused by global warming.

This interactive map below reveals the UK's seaside towns and villages – plus parts of London – that may have to be abandoned because of rising seas and coastal erosion.

Among those areas are Happisburgh in Norfolk, Kessingland in Suffolk and Hornsea in Yorkshire, while the west of Wales and north-west England could also be badly affected, according to projections by Climate Central.

Sea levels around Britain have risen by 6 inches (15.4cm) since 1900, and the Met Office predicts modern levels could increase a further 3.7ft (1.12m) by 2100, threatening communities on sea cliffs and coastal floodplains around much of the east and south coast of England.

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Communities as far inland as Peterborough, King's Lynn, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire in the east of England, as well as the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex coastlines, would all be underwater by 2050 if nothing is done to stop sea levels rising at their current rate.

So would boroughs along the River Thames in the English capital, while Portsmouth, Eastbourne and parts of Brighton also stand to be swamped by water.

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