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UK - Britain's best coastal hotels

‘I am convinced the sea air always does good,’ declares Henrietta Musgrove in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Austen often poked fun at the Georgian notion of the sea as a source of bountiful health and healing; in many respects, it was the eighteenth century’s answer to today’s wellness fad.

And yet it’s believed she met her first love whilst staying in Sidmouth in Devon and it is in Lyme Regis that Anne and Captain Wentworth rekindle their romance in Persuasion. Even when viewed through Jane Austen’s cynical eye, the Georgian ideal of the seaside as a place of wellbeing, romance and possibility has never quite left us.

As coronavirus plays havoc with foreign holiday plans, perhaps it’s time we took some Georgian health advice and rediscovered the restorative qualities of the great British coastal break – it sounds a lot more romantic than stockpiling loo rolls, at any rate. Here are seven coastal gems that will ensure you make the very best of the great outdoors this summer:

Woolacombe Bay Hotel, Devon

Woolacombe Bay Hotel – outdoor pool and beach access.

It’s no secret that Woolacombe is one of Britain’s best surfing beaches – in fact, it’s arguably Britain’s best beach full stop. Devon’s three mile expanse of golden sand almost feels too spacious to belong on our shores but it does and you should go!

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