Willem Van Oranje has appeared off the North Wales coast (Image: droneographs_)

UK - Awe as vast dredger ship weighing up to 21,000 tonnes appears off UK coast

An enormous dredger ship weighing up to 21,000 tonnes has appeared near a UK harbour and has become the "talk of the town". By

The Willem Van Oranje is a Hopper Dredger that was built in 2010. It is currently sailing under the Cyprus flag close to Rhos-on-Sea, Wales.

Weighing up to 21,200 tonnes and spanning more than 130-metres in length, the Boskalis Dredger has left ship spotters in awe.

The ship is the "main player" in a £14m year-long scheme to improve coastal defences using one million tonnes of sand.

It will also involve promenade improvements, reports North Wales Live.

Bulldozers are already hard at work shoring-up the coastline with sand before the main element of the work begins.

Last month, a two kilometer cast iron pipeline, was built ahead of the dredging of the seabed for the sand, which is being undertaken this month.

The Willem Van Oranje vessel will take frequent trips from the Rhos-on-Sea harbour and sail back to take sand from an offshore area in the Irish Sea before returning during high tide to deliver it onshore via the pipeline.

While the ship is off the coast of North Wales, many people are heading to the area to watch the shore line being extended.

The ship is one of the first dredging vessels in the world to be powered entirely by biofuel.

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