David Clode

UK - '1-in-2-Million Blue Lobster’ Discovered in Cornwall, 25-Year-Old Fisherman Released It Back Into Ocean

A tremendously infrequent, specifically, a 'one-in-two-million blue lobster was discovered by a 25-year-old fisherman along the coast of Cornwall prior to its release back into the sea.

Mail Online reported that the Tom Lombournt, the Newlyn-based fishermen, had been fishing off Penzance's coastal town when he caught the foot-long colorful crustacean in his lobster pot.

He took a picture of the rare creature before it was released back into the sea since it was very small to take into the land.

The man said, with every pot, one would never know what will be inside it, and he has certainly never seen that color previously.

This is just his second season of fishing, said Lombournt, and therefore, he thinks he's been quite fortunate, referring to his discovery.

Describing his catch, the 25-year-old said he measured it and it was way too small so he has never planned of keeping it.

The 25-year-old explained, if the lobster had been bigger, he would have endorsed it to the National Hatchery. He added, he sent the organization some pictures of the lobster and he was told, what he discovered was one-in-two-million making it quite special.

Meanwhile, according to a spokesman for National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, Cornwall, it is a pretty unusual color morph to encounter, about one-in-two-million chance, so they were astounded when they saw the photo from Tom.

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