Ukrainian authorities have warned beachgoers to avoid the port town amid fears Russians will target Ukrainian beaches if crowds form

UA - Horror moment two swimmers are blown up on Odesa beach after hitting ‘Russian sea mine’.

(Odesa Ukraine) THIS is the terrifying moment two men are blown up by a Russian sea mine after swimming on a beach in Odesa, Ukraine.

The horrifying detonation also injured two others after a crowd of beachgoers gathered despite warnings to avoid the coastline.

The footage, shared by Ukrainian media yesterday, shows the Russianmine exploding after the group took a dip in the water.

According to Pravda, two men were killed instantly by the blast.

Fears over a Russian airstrike on beachgoers had led to a ban on attending the popular Odesa shoreline during the summer.

But a city council spokesman said "a group of men'" had "ignored the announced restrictions on visiting the coast and swimming in coastal waters".

“While swimming, an explosion of an unknown explosive device killed two on the spot," he added.

During the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin forces chillingly laid mines across the Black Sea.

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