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TX - Texas beaches, businesses brace for spring break after governor ends mask mandate

As a result of the governor’s decision Tuesday to lift the state’s mask mandate and all restrictions tied to capacity, the news comes as a double-edged sword that’s positive financially, but at the cost of less power for Texas businesses.

“It’s tricky,” said Vanessa Garcia, general manager of Bernie's Beach House, a Port Aransas bar that transitioned into a restaurant so they could remain open during the pandemic. “Our industry was very heavily impacted by all of the closures and all the shutdowns and all of that. I think by the end of last summer, it was us and tube rentals that weren’t allowed to open

“Given that we have the freedom to be our business again, that’s actually and exciting thing, but it doesn’t necessarily dismiss our concerns.”

Garcia said she’s continued to make the safety of her staff a priority, as most of her employees have either contracted COVID-19 and recovered or been vaccinated. Still, she wishes the lessening of restrictions would have come in steps.

“If we had it our way, we would have asked for a transition, throw it open 100 percent, but maybe keep the mask mandate in place just to help soften the potential impact,” she said.

Now able to open at full capacity come Wednesday, March 10, Garcia joins numerous businesses that will still require their own staff to wear masks.

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