Gulf of Mexico
via U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Texas General Land Office

TX - Ike Dike Plan Is Better but Still Not Good Enough

The $20 million U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Texas General Land Office Coastal Texas Planning Study covered the Texas coast and examined both storm surge protection and ecosystem restoration.

The report is out for public comment through Jan. 13.

The corps and land office have made a real effort to explain their outcomes to the public through visuals and interactive programs. This is a welcome addition to a now 1,000-page report that was missing in the first version. Overall, this second report is much improved and shows the results of a lot of hard work on a complex problem.

However, the design can and must be made better.

The first thing that strikes us is the poor overall performance of the corp’s design for its estimated expenditure of $26.17 billion. The plan states expected damage reduction of only 60 percent over the 50-year period of economic analysis.

The principal issue causing these large damages is a failure to hold to the coastal spine “Ike Dike” principles of strong protection at the coast and keeping water out of Galveston Bay.

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