Tropical Hawk Comes to Maine

Maybe some things really are not meant to be. New England Patriots fans will know what we mean considering the way the Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins in Miami last Sunday yet again, despite holding a lead with just seconds left in the game.

We’ve wondered if we might have the same streak of bad luck when it comes to a certain highly unusual bird that has taken up residence in Portland in recent weeks.

That bird, a single immature great black hawk, has tantalized the bird world since April of this year when it showed up in Texas, becoming the first recorded instance of the species to have ever been found in the U.S. The bird disappeared only to be discovered in a most bizarrely far away place—our own Biddeford, Maine, in June!

Again it vanished, and this time for a good long time.

The great black hawk is in fact a rather tropical bird. The northernmost extreme of its normal range is in coastal Mexico, about 250 miles south of the Texas border.

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