Tourism promoters stress Pensacola unscathed by Hurricane Michael

Tourists once headed to Panama City Beach and other parts of the eastern Panhandle are now winding up in Pensacola Beach.

Casino Beach Bar and Grille manager Joshua Flick welcomed a steady stream of customers to his Pensacola Beach restaurant Monday afternoon.

"Business has been good," Flick said, as he stood near the outdoor hostess stand. "We had a good weekend, and we've had a strong October."

So far, Flick doesn't think Pensacola Beach has seen much of an economic impact from Hurricane Michael's devastating hit to Panama City Beach and other parts of the eastern Panhandle.

If anything, he said, the storm has brought a slight influx of visitors headed out of the hurricane-hit region.

But state and local agencies charged with promoting tourism in the Pensacola region are concerned news reports and images of Michael's path of destruction through Panama City, Mexico Beach, Tyndall Air Force Base and other areas might cause people thinking about visiting the Pensacola area to change their plans. Read full article.