Tourism association pulled out of Airbnb working group after two meetings

A working group report on the regulation of online accommodation sharing websites like Airbnb and VRBO has input from just about every relevant stakeholder—except the tourism industry. Province’s report is missing industry input because the industry walked away from the table, says former TIANS member.

The only representatives from the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia at the table pulled out of the working group after two meetings.

The provincial tourism department formed the working group to make new recommendations for regulating short-term rentals hosted through online platforms, such as Airbnb. Representatives of TIANS, however, walked out instead of providing “industry perspective.”

Set up a year ago by business minister Geoff MacLellan, the working group consisted of 11 government officials from six provincial departments and 14 industry stakeholders, including representatives from Airbnb, Volta Labs and members of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities.

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