Tourism a target for climate change - even in winter areas

OLD FORGE, NY — The average snowmobiler in Oneida County rides between 100 and 200 miles through the county’s trails each year.

On those trips, riders stop for a variety of reasons. They’re eating, drinking, filling up with gas and generally spending money in small towns along the way.

“Without the revenue from snowmobiling, Oneida County would hurt big time,” said Oneida County Area Snowmobile Association President Jaimie Warner. “They need the snowmobilers up there.”

But the Fourth National Climate Assessment, released Nov. 23, outlines a changing climate that may hinder tourism industries based on a consistent climate, such as snowmobiling.

The study suggests numerous possibilities of climate change in the United States. These projections vary depending on the amount of population growth, the amount of technological innovation and the carbon intensity increase of global energy over time.

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