This new coastal alliance aims to protect South Texas' natural gifts

The Coastal Bend of Texas is one of the premier places to live and recreate in Texas. With miles of beaches, pristine waters teeming with aquatic life, areas designated by the EPA as essential fish habitats, and home to more than 400 resident and migratory bird populations including threatened and endangered species like the whooping crane, the Coastal Bend attracts new residents and visitors from all around the world.

The quality of life in the Coastal Bend now faces its greatest challenge. It has been targeted as fertile ground for an industrial build-out that will impact the entire region.  The Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Regional Economic Development Corporations (EDCs), and industry are engaged in an unprecedented expansion that includes the construction of massive new industrial and maritime complexes, dredging deep channels in the bay, and building seawater desalination facilities to accommodate industry’s thirst for freshwater as the amount of water required by the petrochemical industry to operate is staggering.

To meet this challenge and protect our environment, a number of individuals, grass roots initiatives and local chapters of state and national organizations have come together to form the  Coastal Alliance to Protect our Environment (CAPE). We are profoundly concerned the uncontrolled quest for growth and profit is an ecological disaster in the making.

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