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Visitors walk through shore break waves fronting the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort after high tide, May 2017. The state is again replenishing lost sand but not in the most effective manner.

There's A Better Way To Replenish Waikiki's Sand

Unfortunately, the state is using the same old technology that destroyed the beach in the first place.

The state is on yet another mission to restore Waikiki Beach.

Only six to eight years ago, the state dredged the ocean offshore and brought in hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of soil to restore the vanishing beach and coastline that is the heart of Hawaii’s tourism. In that process, the state irreversibly damaged the ecology of the ocean.

Any environmental clearances missed the central point that the state was messing with life in the ocean. Besides, one often wonders with what bias some environmental clearances are conducted.

When the soil was placed in Waikiki, it was soft, porous, and cushiony, allowing anyone to realize this was not the real thing one expects at a beach. It was only the reputation of Waikiki, the open spaces, the sunshine, and the touristy atmosphere that continued to bring visitors, otherwise as far as a beach goes, the state had succeeded to kill it.

They are at it again, using the same old technology that destroyed the sacred ocean in the first place. Why they don’t use a better technology that has been proven elsewhere and would be cheaper is very puzzling.

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