Image: Energy Observer

The future of shipping? Hydrogen-powered Energy Observer reaches London

The world’s first hydrogen-powered boat to tour the world, Energy Observer, has sailed into London. With no CO2 emissions, no fine particles and no noise that could disturb underwater fauna, the ship is the first of its kind and potentially a model for the future

A sleek racing boat, carpeted by solar panels, prominent for its two tall, rectangular sails, will be docked beneath Tower Bridge all this week. Christened Energy Observer, the ship sailed into town last week, marking the end of its north European tour. Since leaving Saint-Malo in 2017, the team has travelled 18,000 nautical miles, visited 25 countries and made 47 stopovers, including a particularly challenging mission to Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago – all without producing any greenhouse gas emissions or particulate pollution.

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