Texas Bill to create commercial oyster farming still in the works

Texas has one of the largest coastlines in the nation, but it is the only coastal state that does not have an organized commercial oyster farming industry.

The Texas Sea Grant and Texas Parks and Wildlife went to oyster researcher and Chair for Marine Resource Development at Harte Research Institute of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Joe Fox in 2011 to discuss how oyster aquaculture was expanding. They were interested in its growth not only in the Gulf of Mexico but also along the East and West coasts.

This action began the start of advocacy for a commercial oyster farming industry in the state.

And after writing a proposal to the Bucket 1 Restore Act and realizing there could not be commercialization without legislation, other state agencies (such as CCA) and lawmakers became involved with the effort.

In addition to state agencies, local businesses and activists have joined in to get this bill passed through the legislature.