LEADERS: Surfing Tasmania executive officer Shayne Clark and Surfing Australia chief executive Chris Mater. Picture: Brodie Weeding.

Surfing Australia chief executive Chris Mater excited about Tasmania's potential

New Surfing Australia chief executive Chris Mater has described the sport in Tasmania as an "exciting proposition", but saying at present it still is very much in the "development stage" when it comes to matching up with other states.

On his first visit to Tasmania, Mater, who has only been in the role a matter of months, believed the Coastal lifestyle and "good waves" that the state offers has the potential to see Tasmania flex its muscles on the big stage.

"In terms of increasing participation it is exciting and in terms of high performance and athlete development Tasmania doing well in surfing on the Australian and world stage has a lot of potential and that is on top of the great events they have here,'' he said in Devonport this week.

"But I would say it is in the development stage.

"Australians are world class best surfers and dominate the world stage, so Tasmanians are not just competing against another state, they are competing against the very best in the world.

"We don't have a set state timeline of where we need to be in Tasmania, but at the same time we are in the process of looking at our strategic outlook, including Tasmania."

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