Sunset Beach to send out dredging letters

SUNSET BEACH — Town Council last week approved sending out a letter about island dredging town waterways and its estimated costs to all residents. Approval at council’s Nov. 5 meeting came following months of discussion and debate on how to proceed when costs aren’t definite. The dredging project is intended to provide a long-term management template for maintaining navigation access throughout approx. 3.5 miles of waterways within the Town of Sunset Beach. The waterways include Jinks Creek, the Bay Area, the Feeder Channel and the finger canals (A, B, C, & D) along 6th, Marlin, Dolphin, Sailfish, and Cobia Streets.


Interim Town Administrator Hiram Marziano said it’s “legal to put a number, but I’m not sure you should” for reasons cited by council members. He said a potential amount could be included.

“My recommendation is if you don’t know for sure what your range is, make it wider,” he said, reiterating it’s a tentative projection.

“Make it clear this is an estimate,” councilwoman Jan Harris said.

“We can’t delay this any further — this is a work in progress,” councilman Rich Cerrato said.

Councilman Charlie Nern suggested stipulating in the letter residents will be notified when certain points are clarified.

During public comment, East North Shore Drive residents Tony Martyn and Tom Bormann took issue with charging affected residents by linear foot of water frontage, which was approved by council July 2.

Martyn said that means he would have to pay five times as much as his neighbors because of his pie-shaped lot.

“My lot is going to (cost) $25,000 when the average is $5,000,” he said, adding a flat fee per property owner seems fair.

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