Sunken 17th-Century 'Pirate Ship' Discovered, Alongside Gunpowder-Packed Grenades

Ancient hand grenades and cannons from the wreck of a former pirate ship have been found along the coast of Cornwall in the U.K.

Divers spotted artifacts from the wreck of the Schiedam, which sank off the coast in 1684, after recent storms disturbed the sand that once covered them on the seafloor.

In addition, the two 17th-century hand grenades, each consisting of a hollow iron shell filled with gunpowder, were found nearby, after being washed ashore from the wreck. [See Photos of the Pirate Ship, Grenades and Other Artifacts]

Local historian Robert Felce found the second of the two hand grenades late November on a beach near the Schiedam shipwreck site at Dollar Cove, in the coastal Gunwalloe district of Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula.

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