Submerged oddities will be pulled from Rouge River — including 8 cars

A century's worth of bad environmental practices by local industries is slated for dredging out of the "Old Channel" around Zug Island, in a more than $50-million federal project to improve long-standing pollution problems on the Rouge River.

Arising from the murk with potentially health-harming, ecology-wrecking pollution will be eight or so cars, mysteriously sunk in the 15- to 26-foot depths of the channel.

"Who knows? Maybe we'll find Hoffa finally," quipped Steve Check, project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, referring to Jimmy Hoffa, the long-missing and presumed murdered former Teamsters president.

The Old Channel wraps around Zug Island, with its counterclockwise flows entering the main channel of the Lower Rouge River — a reversal of its natural flows created when Henry Ford in the early 1900s expanded a shipping canal to the Detroit River to feed his vast Rouge Plant.

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