An apparently healthy stripped bass, left, and a suspiciously unhealthy one will have their spleens removed and tested for mycobacteria. (Dave Harp)

Striped bass decline spurs new look at mycobacteria

Chronic wasting disease infects most of the striped bass in the Chesapeake

When Wolfgang Vogelbein peered at striped bass sores through a microscope 22 years ago, he knew he was looking at something very different than what was grabbing headlines at the time.

Pfiesteria piscicida — the so-called “cell from hell” — was being blamed for fish kills in Maryland and making people sick.

But what Vogelbein saw through his lens wasn’t the result of a harmful algae toxin. It was a nasty bacterial infection, creating ugly sores on the outside of fish and lesions on the inside.

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