Hurricane Irma Striking Miami, Florida. Credit: Warren Faidley Getty Images

Storm Surge Maps Will Warn Coastal Residents of Potential Deadly Floods

The new National Hurricane Center maps will show the expected depth of storm surge from tropical systems

The National Hurricane Center is stepping up its warnings about storm surge and will start publishing maps this summer that show where tropical storms are likely to cause flooding along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Storm surge color maps will perform the same warning function as the center’s traditional hurricane maps, which President Trump famously altered last year with a Sharpie to inaccurately show Hurricane Dorian possibly hitting Alabama.

The new storm surge maps will highlight in red the coastal areas that face possible flooding and will show the expected height of the storm surge at numerous locations. The maps are meant to warn the public of a potential danger that is often overlooked as people focus on hurricane wind speeds and likely storm paths.