Maryland Shellfish Planning Begins with First-Of-Its-Kind Task Force

BOSTON -- The Secretary of Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Matthew Beaton is partnering with shellfish stakeholders to establish a Massachusetts Shellfish Initiative (MSI) Task Force. The Task Force had its first meeting today, January 2, and includes representatives of commercial shellfishermen, shellfish farmers, recreational harvesters, restoration groups, and municipalities, as well as legislative and executive office members, in an effort to provide comprehensive stakeholder participation.

Members are tasked with engaging stakeholders and developing a comprehensive, coast-wide, holistic strategic plan for nearshore state and municipally managed shellfish resources.

For Massachusetts, the MSI is a first-of-its-kind partnership that brings together the Commonwealth's major shellfish sectors (aquaculture, wild harvest, and restoration), with a mission to maximize the economic, environmental, and social benefits of the Bay State's shellfish resources.

Secretary Beaton's leadership role in the MSI Task Force reflects the Commonwealth's commitment to the stakeholders who rely upon Massachusetts' vast coastal shellfish resources.  

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