State-of-the-art flood mapping technology to be used in Western Isles

The impact of climate change on Scotland’s most flood prone communities is projected to place more than 169,000 homes and businesses at risk of flooding by 2080.

As Scotland’s national flood forecasting, flood warning and strategic flood risk management authority, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency helps Scotland prepare for potential future flooding. To make informed decisions, gathering the most up-to-date data on flood risk, flood mapping and coastal erosion data is a critical part of this process. SEPA is a significant investor in technology to gather this data – and over the next few months in the Outer Hebrides – the agency is using state-of-the-art aerial surveying technology, funded by the Scottish Government, to collect robust data to help improve current flood risk models. In line with Scotland’s Digital Strategy, the Scottish Government is working collaboratively with public sector bodies to invest in new collective data agreements.

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