The boat launch at Massey’s Ditch, near Long Neck. CHRIS FLOOD PHOTOS

State issues RFP for Massey’s Ditch dredging

State officials are seeking bids to dredge Massey’s Ditch and move the dredge spoils to the north side of the Indian River Inlet. Project will remove and place 100,000 cubic yards from the waterway to the beach.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control issued a request for proposals Jan. 2, with a bid package submission deadline of 2 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 30.

At 100,000 cubic yards, the project calls for removal of sand that over the years has filled the popular waterway. This is the largest dredging of the ditch since it was created. A laboratory analysis of sediment samples, from August, indicate that approximately 95 percent of the material is sand, while 5 percent is silt.

Dredged material will be moved east and placed on the beach north of the Indian River Inlet. The project does 50,000 cubic yards of maintenance dredging in Massey’s Ditch and 50,000 cubic yards of new dredging on a channel near Lynch Thicket and Middle Island.

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