The view near Saeyeongyo Bridge on Jeju Island, South Korea. (The Korea Herald/Im Eun-byel)

South Korea - Jeju Island is a sanctuary in virus times

Jeju Island is a popular travel destination this summer. As overseas travel is almost impossible due to concerns about COVID-19, more South Koreans are flocking to the southern island from the mainland.

The island boasts vast natural areas, from oceans to mountains and fields, where tourists can avoid close contact with others. Travelers often stay at private villas and get around in rental cars -- good holiday options in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

But tourists need to be responsible while traveling on Jeju Island. Wearing masks is a must. Another must is monitoring your health and reporting any suspected COVID-19 symptoms to the authorities.

Here are some travel spots and activities that people can enjoy on Jeju Island while taking precautions against the virus.

Organic farm experience

A tourist picks corn at the Mulme Healing Farm.
A tourist picks corn at the Mulme Healing Farm. (The Korea Herald/Im Eun-byel)

The Mulme Healing Farm is an organic farm and education center situated in Aewol, a 20-minute drive from the Jeju International Airport.

Though Aewol is a popular touristy neighborhood packed with cafes and restaurants, the farm is secluded in a quiet area populated only by locals. Yang Hee-jeon, the owner, founded the farm in 1995 while studying alternative medicine.

Yang harvests organic tangerines, sweet potatoes, citrons (yuja) and corn on the farm. He also runs Nomad Nature Traveling, a program that allows people to experience healthy lifestyles through trekking, meditation, healthy eating and other activities.

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